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Born in Birmingham in 1970 Dan was raised in and artistic household.  Dan's father, artist and gallery owner always encouraged his children to indulge their creativity (Dan's sister Rachel is an accomplished photographer).  At the age of 17 Dan worked in a Picture Framers and painted in his spare time, and even though he had no specific training soon developed his own style and preferences.  He works in a variety of mediums including painting in oils and acrylic, and sculpting in stone, wood and metal.


Dan's abstract paintings, shown at an exhibition in August 2004, were based on a series of long exposure photographs.  His work was very well received.  His forthcoming exhibition in September will feature paintings based on the previous series, "the new paintings are dramatically smaller to those in 2004 and are all very similar, but different.  I am also working on some wood based sculpture ideas."


Examples of Dan's artwork coming soon! Watch this space.


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