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"Half of the furniture in my house is a Dan Evans original, I love him.  His furniture is beautiful and well made and created to complement the lifestyle of the client.  When I commissioned a dining room table and chairs he said 'I'll make them extra sturdy as you will end up dancing on them' ... he was right! Dan also frames all my paintings for shows in the UK and France, he knows exactly what I want and always delivers them on time, even when I drop a large order on him at the last minute."  Andrew Gifford (Artist)


"Dan's work is fantastic, every time I see his new stuff it blows me away, particularly the innovative stuff and his one off design pieces, classics of the future.  He is bold in his design and not afraid to move the boundaries."  Ben Palmer (Senior Designer, TANK magazine -


"Dan's attention to detail is wonderful, his furniture we have at home is always remarked upon by house guests. His use of complementary materials is divine, every time I walk past our little coffee table I want to reach out and stroke it!"                     Jacqueline Harland, UK


"I recently purchased several pieces of Dan's artwork and we also have one of his stone sculptures in our garden. My wife and I have been a fan of his for years.  His paintings are a refreshing change, we never get bored with them,  we look at them we notice something different, a brush stroke, a nuance, a shadow. He's going to go a long way."  Mr. Tonks, Birmingham.


"We commissioned Dan Evans to make us a dining table and two matching benches last year.  He listened carefully to what we required and the different ideas we had.  He then came to us with several suggestions, took on board any comment we had and the made us the most perfect pieces of furniture.  We are thrilled with them.  His service was prompt and he delivered them on time. We would highly recommend him to anyone looking to commission furniture.  We will definitely use him again."  Mr. D McManus, Eyvirat, France.




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