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Press interest in Dan Evans Design


One of the hidden gems of the Perigord Vert, Dan Evans works steadily away in his little workshop creating furniture that you would more naturally associate with a Loft apartment in Paris or London.  His one off pieces of furniture are sleek and simple, he has an affinity with the materials he uses and favors traditional methods to create his innovative pieces.  However his one off designs do not always pay the bills or put food on the table so he has also developed a reputation for his high quality commission pieces, whether it be a dining room suite, a fully fitted kitchen, or a one off piece of furniture.

'When I first came to France years ago I had no real direction or career path.  Being here in the Perigord Vert made me channel my energy into combining two of my passions, art and design and woodworking.  Furniture making evolving naturally from this.  Caroline and I work hard to integrate ourselves completely into our local community, and fortunately our jobs make this easier for us to do.'

Dan is clearly very comfortable in his workshop environment, he spends hours here listening to Jazz and lovingly working on his latest project, every now and then he nips into his barn and trains on his climbing wall that he has built, and puts a few brush strokes on his latest abstract painting.  He puts his heart and soul into everything he does, and this shows in his work.

French Dreams 2005



..young artisans from different countries who have chosen the Perigord region for its calm, beautiful countryside and way of life.  Dan Evans, cabinet maker and designer... will enrich our group of artisans, insufficiently developed in the North of the region.


Dan Evans, contemporary furniture maker, offers unique and high quality furniture, designed and made by himself in his workshop in Chapdeuil.  Dan Evans also offers made to measure, commissioned, furniture and kitchens.

Salon de Métiers D'Art 2002



For More Information Contact:

Dan Evans Design
Francoiseau, 24320 CHAPDEUIL, France
Tel: +33 5 53 91 18 29


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